6 Steps to Tapping into Your Creative Genius

Connect to Your Intuition. Manifest Your Dreams. Discover Your Creative Genius. Do you wonder why it is important to understand our true birth identify? Do you know your spiritual gifts and talents? Do you wonder how to tap into your creative genius? Through the 501c3 Not-For-Profit, Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center, Minister Dr. Alise has proven to thousands through her creative meditations, intuitive readings, life coaching, books, audio CDs, mobile apps, online courses, seminars, class tours, and workbooks, that by learning how to tap into your creative genius, you can manifest your dreams and heart’s desires in every area of your life. With 6 Steps to Tapping Into Your Creative Genius, you will get a closer look at each step that is required to help you connect with your intuition through creativity, meditation, and mindfulness. Discover why connecting to your intuition is the solid foundation in which you need to manifest your dreams. Gain a new perspective on nature, spiritual practices, creativity, meditation, mindfulness, and how they relate to your overall born identity. It is your divine birth right to live boldly and intuitively! You are a Creative Genius!