From the Bayou to the Phoenix: How to Get Through Life One Transition at a Time

Change Requires Faith How do you find yourself through the mud of life? In this book, best-selling author, Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland reflects on the last decade of her life as an ordinary human facing very hard life transitions and shares her own life lessons that will inspire you to create a pathway towards healing. Through Alise’s personal experiences, this rags to riches story is about pain, passion, pleasure, peace, and promises that will help you through life transition’s one step at a time. In the book, Minister Alise shares several spiritual lessons and words of wisdom that will help you navigate your own life transitions. She shares her own experience of the importance of knowing the answer to the two most important questions in your life. When you know these answers, life is no longer a mystery. You chose the path that you were meant to follow to carry out your life purpose. Discover why everything you need to learn happens through relationships. People come into your life for two reasons—life lesson or life blessings.