As a life coach, I provide different types of services to all my clients. There are three types of services that I deliver which include hypnotherapy, life coaching and live advice. All of these three services are in congruent with each other. Below is a discussion to the types of services that I provide.

Life Coaching Services

Alise’s Life Coaching Packages

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How it Works

Our coaching relationship will start with a 30-minute complimentary breakthrough session. The breakthrough session is for individuals who are ready to step up to the challenge and embrace it completely. You will get to experience a modified coaching session and we’ll find out whether we are a good fit for each other.

You have chosen me as your coach, now what?

After you choose to hire me as your coach, we will schedule you for your Breakthrough Soul Session. This session is designed to shift deep-set patterns of self-doubt, fear, and painful hidden unworthiness. This is the first step in all of my programs, and it’s focused on getting you out of your own way so you can move forward with your heart’s desires.

In the Breakthrough Soul Session, we’ll spend about 2 hours together (depending on your needs), via phone or in-person.

Afterward the Breakthrough Soul Session, you’ll gain exclusive access to Alise’s Inner Circle. As a member of Alise’s Inner Circle, you will have access to a plethora of resources to help you on your journey and interact with other members on our forums. There are several other perks to help you on your journey as well.

Live Advice

Do you have any specific concerns that need to be addressed? Then don’t worry because I still provide help even if you are not enrolled in my life coaching or hypnotherapy sessions. One of the most important services that I provide is live advice. I understand that different people suffer from different problems and I am willing to extend my help by providing my expertise. I provide different advice services on relationship and love, personal life, family relationship as well as academic and career.

I always believe that the events of our lives will affect our future and our road to achieving happiness. It is my goal to help people correct themselves so that they can create a map that will allow them to reach whatever it is that they want.


Hypnotherapy is a technique that I use on my patients to improve their behavior and outlook in lives. Hypnosis is an effective technique in treating different afflictions and it is not only used to change people’s mood but also to change their overall outlook. I provide different kinds of hypnotherapy services which include:

  • Anger management
  • Stress relief
  • Study skills
  • Fears and phobias
  • Test anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation and concentration
  • Perseverance
  • Self-discipline
  • Public speaking
  • Improve relationship
  • Past life regression
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Death and dying issues
  • Spiritual connections
  • Regression therapy
  • And Many Other Behaviors

I provide extensive hypnotherapy to patients who suffer from different illnesses. When you undergo hypnotherapy sessions with me, not only will I be able to address a known issue that’s bothering you but also those that are subconsciously known to you.


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