Intuitive Readings

Life coaching does not mean looking into the superficial alone. If you work with me, not only will we look at your present circumstances but I will also be designing your road map by using different readings. This will ensure that you’ll have a guide that will help maximize your potential in achieving your goals.

NOTE : Your reading is focused on your spiritual journey. So, please do not ask about other people. If they need a reading, please have them contact me on their own.

Below are the different readings that I offer to my clients:

Angel Reading: Everyone is born with a Guardian Angel who watches over him or her, including you. This type of reading provides you with angelical messages and insights to help you on your spiritual journey as I receive them from the Archangels. Truth is revealed and the Angels only communicate angelic messages that is for your highest good. To request an Angel Reading, please email me at or call our office.

Past Life Regressions: Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis in order to recover the memories of our incarnations or past lives. This particular technique is undertaken to understand the spiritual journey of a person. The experiences that we have in our past lives can affect how we live now. Some people have charging experiences in their past lives that needs to be addressed now in order to change their destiny. Once a particular event in a person’s past is acknowledged, the person’s life can greatly change.  To request a Past Life Regression, please email me at or call our office.

Intuitive Readings: Intuitive readings provide insight of the things that are happening in a person’s current life. This particular technique also shows the effects of a person’s future if the same path is followed. Nothing is constant with intuitive reading and readings can vary depending on the changes that you make in your life. To request an Intuitive Reading, please email me at or call our office.

Interested in a Reading? Email us at and in the subject line type the specific reading in which you are interested. Or, you may call our office.