We now have two options for our online intuitive sessions.

Option 1:  Phone Intuitive Sessions

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Option 2: Chat Intuitive Readings

Once you have scheduled your appointment, then you will be provided with the link to connect with ArizonaAlise at your scheduled time.

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Client Testimonies

*4/15/2019 Just finished a chat session with Alise, and I can once again feel the world of possibilities that surround me!  In her loving, direct and competent way she was able to help me confirm my life path and recharge my zest.  Alise seemed to know my questions before I even asked them, and was spot on with what I know to be true.  What’s more, she was able to offer practical tips and action plans that will help me continue on my life path.  In the space of ten minutes Alise helped me to come back to center and find renewed energy to move forward.  She was truly my beacon in the storm today. Much love!

*4/10/2019 She does have gift, from her guide–the person you told me downward spiral started w/regards to communication, your vision came true. Your longest timeframe it just short of that now. Thank you for the kind ear.

*04/03/2019 ArizonaAlise is not trying to have a conversation with you, but will give you a real reading. She doesn’t ask you a bunch of questions. She will ask you if you have any questions. When you ask she will answer your questions. She’s been very accurate!

*8/18/2018 I really like ArizonaAlise, she was totally real with me. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to know. I truly believe what she said, because I feel like God used her to tell me about myself. Although I didn’t want to really hear the truth, but I know it was needed. Thank you for the truth.

*8/5/2018 Thank you she was right was with the time frame and her reading was very accurate I m impressed by her accuracy.
*7/17/2018 She is ON POINT!! I’ve been following a situation for the last couple weeks and she has been on point every single time we talk! Thank you again!!
*7/11/2018 The session was very warm and she is great to speak to.. I am very satisfied after this reading as she has not only done a reading but actually taken an effort and had a proper conversation, suggesting ways to better my situation.. Really good and I look forward to chatting with her again.
*3/23/2018 Very good chat, straight to the point, and I appreciate that.
*3/18/2018 I really enjoyed this chat. Alise is very nice and easy to talk to. She answers questions very quickly. She picked up on my exact situation and offered some very good advice. She told me things that I knew I had to work on but had been in denial. I appreciate that she did not try to make predictions but focused only on what was communicated to her. I will definitely use her services again.

*3/13/2018 On point and accurate. Thank you so much for your help Alise. You are amazing.

*12/26/2017 Awesome reader! She is truly very connected to the ArchAngel realms and her insights were heaven sent.