Sleep Habits You Need to Quit

Sleep is so important that everyone should make it a priority, but it is pretty common that people let their sleep fall by the wayside. Most of the time sleep is disturbed because of bad sleep habits that get in the way of your good night’s sleep. Identifying and stopping bad sleep habits can help you to get more out of your night’s sleep and start living your life in the day more fully.

Staying at Your Phone Before Bed 

Most people in the modern world spend tons of time on their phones, and a lot of that time is in the minutes or hours before bed. According to Active Health, the problem with this is that the blue light on your phone can actually inhibit your ability to fall asleep. That means you could find yourself up all night browsing social media when you really needed to get several hours of solid sleep. Putting your phone in another room can help you to sleep better and get better quality sleep as well. If you do put your phone in another room, make sure you have an alarm clock, so you wake up on time.

Teeth Grinding

Another bad habit that can keep you up at night or mess up the sleep you do get is grinding your teeth. Many people experience teeth grinding at night and it can lead to poor sleep and jaw pain that can last all day long. According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, teeth grinding can lead to tooth decay and weakened enamel. If you grind your teeth you can usually get a mouthguard from your dentist that can reduce your grinding and protect your teeth. Decreasing your stress can also help you to stop grinding your teeth.

Taking Naps too Late in the Day

Sometimes taking a nap is absolutely necessary but, according to Amita Health, at other times it can hinder your ability to sleep at night. If you are in the habit of taking naps late in the afternoon and then struggle to go to sleep at night, it may be time to adjust your napping schedule or get rid of naps altogether. Napping is great, but if it inhibits your sleep at night, it’s not worth it.


Getting enough sleep is essential for making sure you can function properly the rest of the day. The human body needs sleep to function, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to make sleep a serious priority. Then you can enjoy a great sleep every night!

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